Thursday, August 23, 2007


Here's my nursery! I was sooo excited to finally be able to put it all together! The walls are a soft sage green and the curtains are a soft yellow. We're trying for gender-neutral. We found wood floors under the old carpet and Corey did such a great job sanding and staining and varnishing!

I did laundry for a couple days, washing all the blankets and bedding and clothing. I haven't had a single shower yet, but we're pretty much all set to bring baby home, thanks to my aunt who gave me everything she had that her daughter no longer needs. We are so blessed!

My church plans to give me a shower after baby is born so we know the gender and can be more specific with clothing and such.

This is the most mellow room in my house - I like bright colors and lots of different colors, which you can tell by the blanket on the crib. I found that cute fleece and couldn't pass it up. One of my adopted mothers sewed the silk edging around it for me. The blanket on the end of the crib was crocheted by a young friend from church - she did a beautiful job!

Anyway, this is my nursery, and my favorite room in the house right now.:) I'm sure there will be a few more changes, but I can rest easy now knowing that it's put together!

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