Friday, August 31, 2007

Home Alone

My husband and Phil left me on Monday, Aug. 27, to go up to the UP with a bunch of middle schoolers and a few other adults. So, what do most people do when they have the house to themselves? PARTY!!! Right? Well, not me.:(

I've been working with an 11 yr. old autistic girl since Jan. of this year. This was to be my last week with her - I had her Mon, Wed, and Fri, for 5 hours each day. She became a hand full the beginning of the summer, just as I start working with her more, as well as getting more pregnant! She went from this sweet little girl who's biggest issues were anxiety which resulted in a lack of breathing normal - she'd either breath real heavy or hold her breath - to this demon child who would run away from me, turn over chairs, throw anything in sight, pee on my carpet, and kick, hit and pinch me! It was a rough summer with many moments of wondering whether or not I'd make it to the end of August! But just these past couple weeks, she started getting better...then there was today... my last day, and I didn't feel sad at all! I love the girl, but I just don't have the energy to deal with being assaulted constantly! So that was Mon, Wed, and Fri.

On Tuesday, I decided to paint all day. I have some friends who painted for me while I was in Mexico, but were not able to finish; and there wasn't a good break from the living room to the hallway that looked my hallway needed done. I'd been hoping someone would do it for me; I hate to paint, plus I'm pregnant - fumes, exhaustion... I really wanted it done before baby comes, so I decided to do it myself! I painted the hallway and 6 doors. Started at 9:30a.m. and with many breaks in between, finished at 6p.m. Whew! I was exhausted!

On Thursday, I cleaned my house all day! I'm much less of a clean freak than I used to be! Truly! I actually let my house go for months sometimes without cleaning - aggghhh!! Yuck! But there always comes a breaking point. During the school year I just don't have the time, and this summer, cleaning was a huge undertaking for me! But, it had to get done!

Tomorrow, Sat., I plan to clean my room! When I say I cleaned the house, that only ever entails my kitchen, bathroom, and living room. My room rarely gets touched. But I plan on keeping baby in there with us for awhile and I need to get it clean and ready.

My mindset this week - make this my last week to get all the big projects done, my last week with my special needs girl, and no one around to distract me. And after this week, I'll relax till baby comes. I'm not sure anyone believes this will happen, but my body needs it to happen and I haven't done a very good job listening!:/

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