Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Husband and Kids

I found out tonight just how popular my husband is with the teens at church.

When Corey stepped into ministry at our current church, he came in with the title of Associate Pastor. He knew he'd have to work with the youth, but he didn't want to be a youth pastor. Well...that's basically what his position became. Now, anyone who knows Corey understand me when I say, he's not the youth pastor type! We all know the stereotypical youth pastor type, and Corey doesn't fit this mold at all! But, he has done an excellent job from the beginning! He's never been buddy buddy with the kids - basically does his "job", but with the passion that I've always loved about him!

At some point, these kids started getting under his skin, in the best of ways! They completely grew on him and it was fun for me to watch the gradual transformation in him. He's now going to school to get a Family Life Education degree and his internship is working with youth.

A couple weeks ago, after taking off most of the summer with youth group, we finally came back together, and as he's dismissing, he says, "love you guys." I don't even think he realized he said it -but I caught it and it just made my heart swell. I think his paternal instincts are starting to kick in.:)

Last week at youth group, he mentions as he's dismissing that he'll be gone next week (tonight) but still come. Now, our youth, probably like all youth, rarely hear anything. No matter what you do to let them know events that will be coming up, they never seem to know anything. But at youth group tonight, nobody showed up. We had 6 kids, and one of them said, 'it's not going to be any fun tonight without Corey here.'

Corey's grown to love the kids and the kids have come to love him as well!:) And it makes me smile. He's going to be a great dad!

Oh, the picture...taken after some youth dressed him up.

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