Thursday, October 4, 2007

Being A Family

I've had blogs going through my head and no time to write. Caedmon is sleeping and I attempted to take a nap, but I've become very bad at falling asleep during the day.:( He'll probably wake up soon and want to eat, so I better type quickly!:)

Today is Day 6 of Caedmon's life and about Day 4 of life at home. Corey and I never talked about what he would do with his responsibilities once baby was born, so I didn't know he would take the week off, and boy am I glad he did! It's amazing how such a small bundle can bring with it soo much work!

Corey is an absolute natural at this dad thing! And from the looks of it, he's loving every minute! I love to sit back and observe the two of them together! Corey's going to have his son at the computer, reading books, and answering Jeopardy questions in no time! It's been such a pleasure to watch Corey being a dad. I didn't have any expectations of Corey, positive or negative, but I think because of my own background, in my mind, the mother is the sole caregiver for the children. So it's been wonderful to fully share the responsibilities of taking care of Caedmon, diaper changing included!:) And Caedmon may be taking after his father with the sleep schedule - he tends to be wide awake in the late hours of the evening, and Corey takes over while I get some sleep.

Caedmon is a wonderful baby! He's not fussy, yet anyway.:) He cries when he's hungry and often when he's getting his diaper changed; otherwise he sleeps and during his awake times, he's just very alert and observant.

We're enjoying being a family - with no interruptions; I'm dreading Corey going back to work, school, and his internship next week!


Mark said...

Hy Keelie i can't hardly wait to see Caedmon. he looks so cute in the pictures. i will show alicia the pictures and hannah says congratulations and loves you. Love you tons and tons keelie.

LOVE, ALexandria

Baby Love said...

Congratulations to you and your husband on a beautiful, healthy boy! I remember when my husband went back to work after being home for two weeks. It was really difficult at first (I remember feeling upset because I didn't have time to eat) but it you will adapt and it will get easier. I found that taking walks with the stoller helped with the crying.

Devra said...

Hi Keelie! It's Devra from Wisconsin. Lisa Roth got me this blog site and I have enjoyed reading about how things are going in your life. I'm praying for your family. speaking of family...I'm married now and loving it! Kody is a wonderful husband.

Keelie said...

Devra!!! Give me your e-mail address! I miss you guys! Congratulations! I had no idea you got married! Would love to chat! Love you!