Saturday, October 13, 2007

Two Weeks Old

Wow, where does time go?! It feels like forever ago that I went through the labor and delivery of Mr. Caedmon. Here are some pics taken on Friday, October 12.

Trying to capture a smile while holding him.
He's quite smiley, even if it is only reflex at this age.

Looking cute as always!

As of Wednesday, Caedmon was 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 23 inches long.
Whew! We're going to be too long for those 0-3 month clothes in no time!
We're already about touching both sides of the cradle when stretched out!


toby said...

I just can't picture Corey as a dad (well, I can come to think of it, but it's still funny). He is still this shy kid I met at camp some times. Others, he is this proud, experienced, leader, whom I would follow, whom I depend on, and whom knows he should cave at the expectations placed on him, but doesn't.

Anyway. I have several pictures of me sleeping with Joshua. None of me sleeping with Alaina, though. I would say, make the most of this. Take as many pictures as you can. Get a cam-corder or whatever they are now. Film, focus, enjoy...

Mikaela said...

Caedmon is quite the guy! He is so adorable!