Thursday, October 11, 2007


One can never have too many grandmas...or grandpas!:) Just thought I'd post some pictures of the many grandmas Caedmon has. They have provided lots of love and spoiling!:)

Grandma Pat

Grandma Pat came and visited us in the hospital on Saturday. She brought lots of little clothes for Caedmon!

Grandma Sarah
(and Grandpa Bruce)

This is Corey's dad and step-mom. They came down while we were still in the hospital. They went on a shopping spree for me and Caedmon. Dad said he didn't want to go shopping again for a year!:)

Grandma Cindie

Grandma Cindie brought gifts from New York City where her biological grandson, Oliver, was born 4 days before Caedmon.

Grandma Anne

Grandma Anne came and spent the weekend with us. She gave Caedmon lots of love. She also did our laundry, provided us with meals (Caedmon's first restaurant experiences!), and took me shopping for a few items I had not thought of for the nursery. We are so glad she came to stay! She was a great help!


Baby Love said...

I am so happy that you are getting help. The first few weeks can be really tough!

friend said...

What a wonderful support system you have.So much love for your family. Take all the help you can.