Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marriage Retreat...

with a baby!:) Yes, Corey and I went on a Marriage Retreat with couples from our church with a 3 week old baby. Who says a baby ties you down?:)

Regardless of the fact that we weren't alone, we had a wonderful time! Caedmon slept for a half hour Friday night and allowed Corey and I to enjoy the jacuzzi in our room. Saturday morning we went for an hour hike on the North Country Trail. I didn't realize we'd be going for a walk, so I was completely unprepared. Pastor Steve gave me this orange vest and we zipped Caedmon up inside it. He was snug as bug in a rug.:) The vest definitely helped with his weight, but it was still quite the excursion for me! Corey took a turn on the way back, at which time Caedmon decided he was hungry! Sorry Dad!

After only 4 hours of sleep (fun in the jacuzzi, breakfast at 8, and Caedmon's feedings through the night), we came home and took a nap!

It was a memorable weekend!:)


friend said...

I to took home a lot to think about and to be thankful for

Baby Love said...

Yes, it's very possible to do things with a baby! Some even say that it's easier when they are this young, and it is more difficult when they are older. So far we have been on three trips with Christopher.