Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Caedmon turned 2 on September 28, which landed on a Monday, so we had his birthday party on Sat. It was fun for me to reminisce about the previous year and see how much had changed, not just with Caedmon himself, but our lives in general.

Last year, we had moved up two weeks prior to his first birthday and many of our friends from down state came up for the party. It made it easier to leave knowing that we'd see each other again in a couple weeks.

This year, we were able to invite Caedmon's little friends! It was good for me to just step back and see how far we've come in a year! Moving is never easy, and making new friends can be difficult, but it CAN be done!:) I'm very thankful for friends, new and old!:)

Anyway, enough about that and more about the birthday boy!

It's hard to believe he's 2! I don't even know where to begin! He's come so far in a year! At his first birthday, he wasn't even crawling yet, choosing to do the army crawl instead. Now my little boy is talking up a storm, repeating everything, saying things we didn't even realize he knew, counting up to ten fairly well, singing the ABC's as well as just singing in general. Music is one of his latest fascinations. He loves listening to music, making music with anything he can find, dancing, singing and having mommy sing - he often commands, "sing mama sing!":)

He also recently learned the emotion of fear. He has no trouble sleeping in complete darkness, but he's scared of the moon. Yep, the moon! We're not exactly sure where this fear came from. The only thing we can figure is when we switched his room, his bed faces the window now. He's obsessed with the moon and when dusk hits, he's close at hand or on the couch refusing to go anywhere else. And he'd just assume go to bed - I didn't realize kids actually liked to go to bed, but my son does! He asks for it! I think part of it is that he feels safe in his bed.

We got rid of the high chair a couple months ago. Sometimes he sits in a booster seat; a lot of the time, he'd just rather go without.

We've had the training potty in the bathroom for awhile now as well, but making no progress with that one. We talk about it, ask him if he wants to use it, but he usually doesn't want to. Corey wants to push the issue, I'm fine with a slow pace. I'd rather continue to change diapers than deal with the accidents that are inevitable!

Well, that's some of the milestones that come to mind. Sorry this is so long. My blog is a journal for me since I don't have a baby book.

Here are some pics from the birthday party.

The theme was farm animals -
it wasn't much of a theme, mainly the cupcakes:)

We decided we could have saved money
and just bought him a package of balloons!

Carys getting some attention

The guy table

enjoying friends


This reminds me of his first birthday -
what a look! He really does like cake!:)

Carys is loving the attention!:)

When there are kids at your birthday party,
do not expect to open your gifts by yourself!
Thankfully, Caedmon didn't care!
Daddy taking time right then and there to read his new book to him

We had such a good time!
So thankful for friends and good excuses to get together!:)

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