Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apples, Pumpkins, Hay Rides and Corn Mazes

October 11, we headed to Rennie's Orchard with friends. I LOVE this time of year and now I have kids to do all the fun stuff with!:) It turned out to be a VERY cold day and we saw the first snow flurries fly! Despite the cold, we had a blast and I wouldn't mind doing it all over again!:)

hay maze


more exploring

Inside a tee pee

Caedmon is the blue you see behind the corn

I followed someone who had a better idea of how to make it out!:)

They cheated in order to make it out of the corn maze:)

Packed a picnic lunch -
I'm pretty sure the temperature dropped even more while we ate!

We went on the hayride (Corey stayed behind with Carys),
but I had given my camera to Corey and forgot to get it back before the ride.:(
So this is not us, but that's what we rode on.
It was a long ride through fields and there was some gorgeous scenery!

They had a nice fire going and boy was it needed!

Worn out!