Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homemade Applesauce

Mmmm mmm good! We picked a bushel or so of apples and made applesauce with most of them. I've saved some for apple pie, apple bundt cake, and just for eating.

Caedmon helping - we threw the apple cores out for the deer


April Mae said...

O my goodness, i was just cruising blogs, & I saw the name of your son. Caedmon. Our son's middle name is Caedmon. Did you name him after Caedmon's Call? It means Pure. I love it!

Keelie said...

I know Caedmon's Call, but didn't name our son after them - just really liked it! We found a blog awhile back whose son is also Caedmon - we thought "what are the odds?!":) What's your son's first name? Caedmon's middle name is Emmanuel...poor kid! He's going to have an awful time learning to spell his whole name!