Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Introduction to Books

We finally gave Carys a cloth book the other day when she was losing it because she wanted the book Caedmon and I were reading. I didn't think that started this early! But she's the second child and I can already tell she's going to be a handful to keep up with as she tries to keep up with her big brother!

When I found Caedmon's first picture with a book, I realized we gave a book to him a lot earlier. Oops. I've just started giving her toys to play with as well. You'd think I'd be more on top of things this time around...guess not.

wow, look at this cool thing!

this is great mom!

Truth be told, I think she's more interested in putting it in her mouth!

Caedmon was just over 2 months old
when first introduced, thanks to Aunt Lori!:)
He loved looking at the pictures!

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auntlori said...

your welcome... always happy to make a smile!