Saturday, October 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Yeah, I know this is way out of chronological order and happened like a month ago, but I had forgotten my camera when we went up north to see Corey's parents and so we bought a throw away camera and I'm just now finally getting them uploaded to the computer. Wow, that was a long sentence; I'm sure I broke some grammatical rule!:)
Anyway, we went up to Corey's parents Friday through Saturday. Corey finally took me to see Ocqueoc Falls, which are up by his parents and a local favorite swimming hole, but I'd had yet to see them for myself. It was a nice afternoon and Caedmon LOVED the water, but the rocks were extremely slippery and the current was pretty strong, so I had to keep a tight hold of him.

Saturday was Corey's step-mom Sarah's family reunion. The morning started off with a ride in the parade! Sarah's mother had most of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in the parade - mom and children rode in a carriage pulled by horses and grandchildren and great grandchildren rode on hay bales on a flatbed behind a semi truck. It was a first for Caedmon and me. It was fun, but very long! The reunion took place at a State Park on a lake and once again, Ceadmon had a blast in the water.

It was fun, albeit quick weekend.

Ocqueoc Falls
(Carys is in the sling; you can make out her little hat)
The trail along the falls

You can barely make out the semi-truck in the parade.
Corey kept Carys for me and tried to get a pic as we went by.

When we got back to Grandma Sable's house after the parade,
they took the kids for a ride in the carriage -
Caedmon went with Papa -
he's the little curly head next to the guy in yellow(Papa:))

Black Lake - reunion time... or swimming time for Caedmon:)

I'm not sure how many slices of watermelon he had -
he kept going back for more!
What a sticky mess, but good for you!

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