Monday, September 3, 2007

9 Months!

These were taken tonight. Corey is kind of impatient about taking these pictures...for whatever reason. So however they turn out is what I have to show.:)

I was 36 weeks (9months) last week Tuesday, Aug. 28th. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow.

I've always assumed first time pregnancies go late, but I've heard of a few recently that were early, so we shall see. My due date is Sept. 25.

I've been told to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy, which I will try to do, but it's not very easy to get comfortable these days.


Baby Love said...

yay! congratulations on reaching the 9th month. Soon your little baby will be with you on the outside world. The last 4-5 weeks were a little difficult. I had difficulty sleeping since I was so big and also the indigestion didn't help either. Take it easy now (easier said than done). If anything, stock your freezer with food since it will be hard to get out to do much grocery shopping and extensive cooking after the baby is born. People told me that my life is going to change dramatically. Yes, it most definitly has, but I believe that is for the better. No longer will I just be able to run out of the house with my purse and keys. Now it takes more planning, but don't worry, you will get into a pattern and know what you need. I would say the first couple of months were difficult (Christopher is 11 weeks now, and in the last couple of weeks it has been better) but trust me, the crying/feedings/diaper changes will get easier. I could write a book, but gotta get back to preparing dinner.

Baby Love said...

Btw, you look good! I know it's hard to be carrying so much at the end and feel good, but you look great!

Baby Love said...

For food items in the freezer: we would have casseroles, lasagna or even just frozen pizza to warm up. I found that making fruit smoothies with protein powder was a good, fast, nutritional option. I would take a banana, frozen berries, plain yogurt, little bit of orange juice and a scoop or two of protein powder and blend it. THen I would have 2-3 glasses of the smoothie during the day. I found that it was hard to sit down for a complete meal, especially when the baby was crying or needed to be fed. I often ate a lot of small meals (fruits, cheese and crackers, smoothies, sandwiches with turkey) during the day. You will need to keep yourself fed, esp if you are breastfeeding. BF will burn lots of calories, and it's important to keep up with the eating. I however had some difficulty with BF but that is a whole other story. I wrote it out on my blog, but I can give you a personal acct too!

I also ate a lot of chicken and rice. Instead of cooking everyday, we would cook large portions and keep reheating the left overs.