Saturday, September 15, 2007

Going Stir Crazy!

So I didn't think this was possible with me! Whenever people say they're bored, I always laugh and say I don't know the meaning of the word! But I can tell I need a job! I've had the whole summer to get projects done and now that I'm about to have this baby anytime, I'm kind of limited in the projects I can do. I'm ready for baby - I've done about all I can do. I've got 4 meals in my freezer (don't think I have room for more), my laundry's caught up...I'm going crazy! Now I'm looking for things to do. I think I'll change my wardrobe since I'll be in my regular clothes (hopefully!) soon and it's getting cool out. Maybe I'll do some baking. And I'm thinking, if baby still hasn't come, next week I'll clean the house; maybe just one room a day - spread it out and keep me from doing too much.

I love to read, but I guess I'm not very good and just sitting down and reading all day. I have to be "productive" first, and then take a break.

Waiting is difficult! I'm starting to wonder if baby's every going to come out and see the world!:)


gary said...

I remember when Laura was at this stage with Parker!

Hey -- for whatever reason I had forgotten to add your blog feed to my RSS reader. You're in my list now, so I'll be catching up on reading.

Baby Love said...

Trust me, baby will be here! Very very soon! It's hard to just sit back and relax when your body is in hyper mode.

Courtney said...

If you get too restless, we haven't even begun to back and clean to move in a week he he. :) Or you can write lesson plans for, how good are you at that??

Seriously though, hopefully time will fly and the baby will be here...and on the day Ryan is betting on!