Saturday, September 8, 2007

Spades - Keeping Me Up At Night

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So, here I am 9 months pregnant. Don't pregnant ladies in the last trimester sleep a lot? I was expecting to feel like I did in the first trimester, but I don't. I'm more tired for sure, but I'm not very good at taking naps during the day, and I'm becoming even worse at getting to bed at a decent hour at night!

Corey and I have discovered a new 2-person game! I'm such a big gamer, but our repertoire has been Cribbage and Golf(cards). Corey learned how to play spades a couple weeks ago in the UP, and now I'm staying up till 1:30a.m. playing Spades! Aggghh!! I keep thinking that it'll be really bad if I go into labor after one of these late nights - I really need to work on getting more sleep! 'Cause even after a late night, I still don't sleep in. Although this morning I was in bed till 10a.m.! Whoa, this is LATE for me!

Anyway, I think I'm just eating up every moment of time I can share with Corey alone right now, because it's all about to change!:)

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Baby Love said...

I remember the feeling of wanting to spend as much 1:1 with my husband before Christopher was born... Now that Christopher is here, the moments that we share together as a family are just as fulfilling and sweet. I love the times we can lay in bed together as a family. I look forward to those mornings. Your life will change, but you will never look back.