Monday, September 24, 2007


Saturday, Sept.22, Corey and I took the mile trail through the woods at Hoffmaster State Park. We stopped halfway and sat on a log to eat our lunch. It was a lovely day! The walk was a little exhausting for me, but I think I did o.k. I keep thinking if I walk and walk and do some more walking, maybe baby will take a hint!:) (And for those of you who plan to respond with other suggestions, I've heard 'em all!:))

The trail comes out on the beach, but Corey decided to take the trail back the way we came and see how fast he could do it...without me to slow him down.:) I, on the other hand, enjoyed a leisurely walk on the beach and about 10 min. of just sitting and staring out at the lake, as well as trying to get some pictures of my profile.:)
But, as you know, since you're reading this post, baby has yet to take the hint...:/ We are still waiting on our little one to make an appearance, hopefully this week!

Oh yeah, and even though our dog drives me crazy most of the time, I thought this was a pretty cute picture of him.


jennie said...

Oh, Keelie, I miss you so much. I really can't wait to see you soon. I am so happy you are being blessed in this way. I will sooo welcome you thoughts and ideas when Brian and I start to have kids. You are such a loving patient person.

Mikaela said...

Keelie :O)
You look great! Thanks for the continued updates. We can't wait to hear the news that Baby LeCureux has arrived:O) but I'm sure not as anxious as you two! You're going to do a great job through labor and delivery!

Love ya--Mikaela

watchman said...

did you actually take a picture of yourself? What is this mySpace?

Just kidding. You're gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You're so beautiful Keelie! This waiting time is SO freaking hard - I do remember it. And isn't it fun/annoying when people look at you like "you're still pregnant"? Good times :)


Keelie said...

Thanks to all for the sweet words! I'm starting to give up hope that this baby is ever going to make an appearance! Maybe it's better that way!:)
Crazy that I'm so impatient already and people are already saying, "You're still here?!" when my due date is tomorrow!

Baby Love said...

I was almost a week past my due date, so they decided to induce me. The last few weeks are soooo hard; feeling big, waiting for the baby ect. You look great and I commend you for your walk! The last few days I just rested and ran a few errands. It seemed like the most minor task left me feeling fatigued. Can't wait to see what happens next!